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and thank you for expressing your interest by visiting my site. Please feel free to review the information available here. If you have any further questions you may reach me thru any of the means indicated on my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

No man is without some quality, by the due application of which he might deserve well of the world; and whoever he be that has but little in his power, should be in haste to do that little, lest he be confounded with him that can do nothing.
Johnson: Adventurer #67 (June 26, 1753)


My goal is to apply and expand my skills in a career with positive growth opportunities, both personally and professionally. Any step that I take will then be fulfilling as it will allow me to do what I can while expanding the boundaries of what is in my power.

Why Me

My previous management experience has provided me with skills in customer and personnel relations, organization, time management, and accounting that provide me a strong start at any position that I may fill. In addition, my technical knowledge gives me a well rounded skill base allowing me to handle whatever needs may arise.

I have worked extensively with Microsoft Office (Especially Word, Access, and Excel), Visual Studio, Netbeans, MySQL Workbench, and many other software environments.

My passion for information and media (storage; management; processing; and presentation) blends well with my hunger for knowledge.  I have experienced many varieties of workplace environments.  I enjoyed learning about them all. In many cases, I created or expanded upon complex database and spreadsheets systems to improve scheduling, nightly/weekly/monthly data calculation and verification procedures, automated zone based route assignments for contract crews, etc.  In all cases, it has been clear to me that every one of those environments could have benefited from more comprehensive and streamlined data management, time management and training resources.

Although this experience is somewhat rudimentary, relative to my current career path, it provided me with a solid fundamental understanding of data structuring and core programming concepts (such as: if, then; for, next; do, while; recursive operations; and validation).  My ongoing education in programming concepts has considerably augmented that understanding and my sense of the limitations on what is possible are dwindling quickly.